North West

Company – J Murphy & Sons Ltd

A day with snakes, horses, goats, alpacas and sheep…. a typical day some in IT may say!

However, this was a day with a real difference for a team of staff volunteer’s lead by IT Director Nick Gorman.

Giving something back through volunteering, the team swapped a day in the office for a day on a remote Lancashire farm to help the charity, Animals in Distress.  The charity cares for unwanted, ill-treated and abandoned animals.

“Meeting such genuine and worthy people puts much of the nonsense we deal with on a daily basis into clear prospective” said Nick.

Tasked with painting the large outdoor duck building, mucking out animal sheds, sweeping the yard, feeding the pigs and combing down horses, the team threw themselves into the challenge.

Colin Bagely, Head of IT Service Management, thoroughly enjoyed the day. “I’m thinking of coming back with the family to volunteer and help out again”

“We can’t thank you enough.” Said Mel, Manager of the charity. “Our priority is the animals and we struggle to get time to do the practical jobs you’ve done today. It’s been a pleasure to let you see what we do. Please do come back again”

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