Volunteering safety during Covid-19

People & charities need help now more than ever but it’s important to protect your safety and others that you aim to help

The simplest thing everyone can do right now is look out for their neighbours & offer help with shopping & other errands.

It’s not just about neighbours who are self-isolating or vulnerable. Other people in the community who might also appreciate help are stretched medical staff & staff in key worker roles.

Before you help others, make sure you do not have symptoms or share a house with anyone who does.

Keep washing your hands often for 20 seconds.

Stay at least two metres – about three steps – away from people you’re helping.

If you’re trying to help someone with very serious issues – don’t be afraid to flag with appropriate statutory services.

Support family, friends & neighbours by phone or video call.

Offer to run errands for people but stay outside of people’s homes.

Let family and friends know what you’re doing.

Don’t take on too much – it’s often better not to offer at all than to let someone down

Tell someone where you are going & keep a safe distance from others.

Set boundaries & realistic expectations. Only share personal details if you really need to.

Don’t pay for someone’s shopping or use their bank-card. Instead, help them get online with shops who deliver & take payment by phone.

Don’t drive if you do not have insurance. You should tell your insurer that you’re using your car for volunteering. It will not increase your premium.

Don’t pick up medication unless the person is unable to get it delivered. Many pharmacies offer a free delivery service.

Don’t share you personal information publicly on social media. If you need to, use a private message instead.

Limit public transport to stop the spread. Drive, walk or cycle.

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